Ski Gliding 

This year we are proud to be able to offer our guest the option of learning to Ski Glide. Somewhere between the snow and sky exists Ski Gliding.... or Speed Gliding.... or possibly Speed Riding, this new cross over extreme sport is so new they haven't even fixed a name for it. 

Speed glidingLooking for something new and exciting to try whilst on holiday? We guarantee Ski Gliding will re-ignite the thirill seeker flame in you. A combination of off piste skiing and paragliding, providing you are a decent skiier to begin with it is possible to be up and solo flying within your first half an hour of instruction.  

Our instructors are fully qualified and can't wait to show you the next progression in skiing. Whether you want to book an entire week of ski gliding or just a morning of instruction it's all possible. Simply ask us about ski gliding when you enquire.

Ski Gliding starts at just 30 Euros per hour we would recomend at least a full morning or afternoon to make the most of your instruction.

Have a look at what you could get up to:


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£525 All Inclusive March


Its Ian and Pippa from last weekends day trip. Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for a outstanding day, it couldn't have been better even if Pippa was on her bum most of the time! We have recommended you to everyone and we hope to travel with you guys in the future.

Ian & Pippa